Germany Wants to Extend Corona Restrictions Until Shortly Before Christmas

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In German politics, more and more voices are going to extend the corona restrictions until shortly before Christmas. More visitors should be temporarily possible again on the holidays.


Germany was partially locked up for a month in early November to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The catering industry had to close, and a maximum of ten people from two households are allowed to visit each other.

Schools and shops, on the other hand, could remain open. The restrictions are now beginning to bear fruit, but there is certainly no turning point yet.

Last week, no agreement could be reached between the government in Berlin and the sixteen federal states on extending or tightening the measures.

More and more regions are now in favour of an extension of about three weeks, but especially in the areas with the most infections. In areas with fewer problems, customization should be possible.

Chancellor Merkel’s government wants to enforce the so-called lockdown light until December 20, media reports. Merkel and the leaders of the states hope to be able to make decisions on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, European health authorities are warning against loosening or lifting the restrictions too early.

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