GDPR Certification: A Complete Data Protection Regulation

GDPR Certification: A Complete Data Protection Regulation

Are you anxious about the security of your personal or business data and information from wrong hands? Are you insecure about the privacy of your data? GDPR is a regulation that gives new scheme and regulations regarding your data security and privacy.

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation was introduced by the government to ensure that every data protection law is updated and is appropriate to protect the privacy of EU citizens. It not only applies to the EU citizen, but also to many companies and organisation who deal with them.

GDPR Certification compliance:
To get certified with GDPR certification there are certain requirements to be fulfilled. The company should do every part in ensuring the privacy and protection of individual information that they trust you with. This regulation deals with higher data protection of employees, consumers and every citizen of EU.

Few steps the venture should take while starting GDPR certification are:
• Store personal data of user and information of action regarding customers separately. This is to ensure that the actions don’t connect with the user.
• Document every held user data, the source of those data and why they are being used.
• Keep a register with information about user’s personal data with up to date record of locations, file owners, the sensitivity level of information, storage periods, etc.
• For public authority organisations, a Data Protection Officer (DPO) should be appointed, an external organisation who can handle individual’s data, or an institution to process data should be appointed for large-scale organisations.
• Alert the authorities and user if any security breaches or hacking happens. Successful security attacks on a large scale can lead to penalties or fines.
• Give the user a right to be forgotten’ if they choose for. That is, the company should provide the option of deleting the information completely if the customer opts for it.
• Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) should be informed before collecting, using and storing personal information of the user.
• Internal security protection schemes should be adopted to protect data and information.
• Train staffs and employees for data protection and security.
• Internal auditing should be conducted regularly.
• Review every audits, reports, policies and security levels.

To ensure that all these compliances are met create a data management framework and get certified with GDPR.

There are different forms of certification for varying organisation types, like small scale, large scale, technical, informative, products, etc. Each organisation has their own ways to regulate the information in hand.

Steps for Certification:
There are simple steps to follow to get certified.
• Fill the certification intent form provided by the certification body and submit them. The certification body will analyse the form and verify whether your organisation meet the GDPR standards.
• Get the training for data protection and complete the documentation process. Once the form is submitted and verified, the body will provide you with the required training for data management and documentation for further certification.
• Complete final auditing and get certified.

GDPR certification will make your company legally bound to the regulation and give the customer’s confidence to trust your venture with their information.

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