Emmanuel Macron Has Warned That May 11 Is Not A Day to Return to Normal Life

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French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that May 11 is not a day for the country to return to normal life. It is only one step towards the relaxation of the measures imposed to combat the coronavirus.


The President said this in a speech on Labor Day (May 1). He greeted “the spirit of May 1”, which is normally a day of great gatherings and protests in France.

During the corona crisis, the willingness to take action now mainly manifests itself via social media.

The Macron government has restricted freedom of movement much more than, for example, in our country or Germany.

The government wants to gradually ease that on May 11 and has published a map with the departments. Those coloured in red remain under strict restrictions. It mainly concerns the north and northeast of the country, including Paris.

The orange-coloured are still in doubt and the green ones, especially in the west and southwest, are ready for relaxation. Some departments have already reacted angrily to ‘their colour’.

For example, the north of Corsica is coloured red, and the south of the island is green. The government has pledged to come up with an updated map later today, French media reported.

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