Controversial CEO of Game Company Activision Receives 375 Million After Deal with Microsoft

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The controversial CEO of Activision Blizzard will receive a huge sum of money if the sale of his company to Microsoft is completed. Bobby Kotick, who has led the game company for thirty years, would receive a gross payout of $375 million.


The CEO has been in the news several times in recent months over allegations of sexism, misconduct and hostile corporate culture within Activision.

In November last year, some of the staff filed and demonstrated another petition, demanding Kotick’s resignation. The deal, which Microsoft announced on Tuesday, states that it will remain in place until the acquisition is completed. So he may eventually disappear from the scene.

In 2020, the CEO, who owns four million shares of Activision, received a compensation of $ 155 million. But after the many scandals, he gave up half of his fixed salary last year.

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