Britons Should Wear Masks Indoors According to Boris Johnson Plan

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Britons Should Wear Masks Indoors According to Boris Johnson Plan. Britons should wear face masks in enclosed spaces and prepare for a difficult period of possibly a year.


For the time being, they must also keep their distance from each other to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
It is also better, according to Prime Minister Johnson’s government, for employees to continue working at home as much as possible.

This is stated in a roadmap that has been drawn up for gradually phasing out measures aimed at containing the virus originating from China.

Johnson spoke to the public on Sunday about phasing out corona measures but received a wave of criticism for allegedly creating ambiguity.

The opposition and unions have turned against the easing that Johnson believes are needed to get the economy going. According to Johnson’s opponents, he takes too many risks with people’s health.

Johnson’s roadmap is a long-term plan, and little seems to change in the short term.

However, there is more freedom of movement to relax or exercise and people are encouraged to go to work if they cannot work at home.

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