British Prime Minister Wants Irreversible Path Out of Lockdown

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised his fellow countrymen “irreversible” steps to end the lockdown. According to the BBC, he will announce how he wants to do this next Monday.


Johnson is under pressure within his Conservative Party to lift lockdown measures. Dozens of conservative politicians in a letter demanded that the restrictions be ended before May.

The United Kingdom, with a population of approximately 66 million, is leading the way in Europe in vaccinating citizens. More than 15 million Britons have already had an injection.

There is a lot of speculation about when catering establishments and other companies can open their doors again. According to the BBC, government sources say students in England will likely be able to return to school on March 8.

Johnson and his ministers will discuss the relaxation plans this week. “We want to make progress in a prudent but irreversible way,” said the prime minister.

The government’s plan is likely to take the form of some road map. It can then contain dates on which measures can be withdrawn.

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