Bitcoin Continues Its Advance, Climbing Towards 9,000 Dollars

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Bitcoin Continues its advance, Climbing towards 9,000 Dollars. The bitcoin is continuing its advance in recent weeks.


At around 1.30 p.m. the coin stands at a plus of more than 9 percent.

1 bitcoin is now worth around 8,700 dollars.

It is apparent from data from Coinmarketcap.

Most of the increase in value happened last night when the value of the currency rose from 8,000 dollars to 8,500 in an hour.

There does not look to be a straight reason for the increase in value.

After the peak around Christmas 2017, the value of the bitcoin has gradually become less and less valuable.

However, since the end of March, when the value was still around 4,000 dollars,

 the digital currency has started a substantial rise.

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