Angela Merkel Gets Shot With Corona Vaccine Moderna After First Dose of AstraZeneca

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel (66) received a syringe with the corona vaccine from Moderna after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca in April. Her cabinet confirms that.


Normally, only people under the age of 60 in Germany receive a second vaccine shot after a first AstraZeneca shot.

In Germany, AstraZeneca is only administered to residents older than 60. Anyone younger and already received the first shot with the vaccine can switch to a vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna for their second vaccination. This has now happened to Merkel as well.

Several international but preliminary studies indicate that the second shot of an mRNA vaccine after a first AstraZeneca shot may have a better effect than two AstraZeneca shots. The side effects may be slightly more severe, but switching vaccines in the meantime would increase the degree of protection.

Several countries already allow the so-called vaccine switch; Canada joined the list yesterday. Health services are now recommending that anyone who received a first AstraZeneca shot switch to the second shot.

It is not yet possible to switch vaccines in Belgium, as the Superior Health Council has not yet expressed its opinion. The authorities want to wait for further scientific studies before making a decision.

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