After Years of Civil War Now Also Coronavirus in Yemen

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In conflict-torn Yemen, it has been first established that someone has the coronavirus. According to the authorities, the patient is in a stable condition and is being cared for.


It has been warned for some time that after years of civil war, Yemen does not have the means to deal with an outbreak.

“If the virus catches on, it will have catastrophic consequences,” UN coordinator Lise Grande said earlier this week.

The Saudi-led coalition fighting rebels in Yemen announced a one-sided truce this week. It entered the second day on Friday.

The coalition says it wants to contribute to the fight against the virus. The Houthi insurgents speak of a PR stunt.

The first corona patient in the country worked according to a local source in the small port of Ash-Shihr. The authorities are said to have closed the port and ordered people there to stay at home for two weeks.

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