Worldwide Death Toll From Coronavirus Passes 60,000

Worldwide Death Toll From Coronavirus Passes 60,000

The death toll worldwide from the coronavirus passed 60,000 on Saturday. Most people died in Italy and Spain.


There, for the time being, 14,681 and 11,744 people were killed by the virus. The United States has also been walloped with nearly 7,500 deaths.

According to Worldometer’s “corona counter”, more than 1.1 million people worldwide were infected with the coronavirus, which erupted in China’s Hubei province late last year.

Everyday life is slowly resumed there. This is not yet the case in Europe.

Many countries have taken far-reaching measures to contain the virus.

For example, people should stay at home as much as possible, all catering establishments are closed, and meetings are prohibited. Aeroplanes also remain grounded en masse.

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