UNICEF: More Than Half of All Ukrainian Children Displaced

UNICEF: More Than Half of All Ukrainian Children Displaced

More than half of the children in the country have been displaced due to the war in Ukraine, the UN children’s rights organization UNICEF reports. Of the estimated 7.5 million Ukrainian children, 2.5 million are internally displaced, and 1.8 million have fled abroad.


Because most men are not allowed to leave Ukraine, mainly women and children seek a safe haven outside Ukraine. United Nations figures show that since the war broke out on February 24, a total of nearly 3.7 million people have left the country.

Children have not been displaced so massively in such a short time since World War II, UNICEF director Catherine Russell said. “This is a grim milestone that could have lasting consequences for future generations. The safety and well-being of children and access to essential services are all threatened by non-stop horrific violence.”

According to the UN human rights office at least 78 children have been killed and 105 injured in the past month. However, these are only the cases that the UN has been able to confirm. The actual numbers are likely much higher, the organization said.

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