UN Nuclear Watchdog Regrets Russian Invasion

UN Nuclear Watchdog Regrets Russian Invasion

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) deplores Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A strong condemnation was taken into account in advance, but the wording of the body that monitors nuclear activities on behalf of the UN has been watered down.


The IAEA board, which includes 35 countries, including Russia, says all nuclear facilities in Ukraine must remain under Kyiv’s control. The critical resolution was passed with two votes against and five abstentions. According to diplomats, Russia and China voted against it.

An earlier draft said that Russian aggression would be condemned “in the strongest terms”. However, because the text has been watered down, more countries voted in favour.

The IAEA is concerned about the site of the Chernobyl reactor that exploded in 1986, which fell into Russian hands last week. According to the IAEA although slightly more nuclear radiation has been measured, there is no threat to public health.

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