Trend Micro Launches 5G Security Firm

Trend Micro Launches 5G Security Firm

Security provider Trend Micro has started a new subsidiary. CTOne, as the new company will be called, should focus on the security of 5G networks.

5G allows companies to run their private network, and that must also be secured, Trend Micro thinks. “The 5G network technology has enabled new capabilities and applications that require a new cybersecurity infrastructure,” said Eva Chen, CEO of Trend Micro, in a press release.

CTOne is an incubation project that is marketed as an independent company. It should provide security for applications in private 5G network environments and also extend protection from the network to the endpoint. In addition, the company must also come up with security for ORAN and edge computing.

CTOne enables enterprises to secure private 5G networks against potential cyber-attacks and build a high-performance industrial application ecosystem. In the future, we will work with partners to maximize the benefits of private 5G with comprehensive security solutions,” said Jason Huang, CEO of CTOne.

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