Travel Caribbean: The Best Affordable Places, Beaches and Islands!

Travel Caribbean: The Best Affordable Places, Beaches and Islands!

A Caribbean holiday can turn out to be very luxurious, or it can be reasonable. If you have a huge family, then it may very well become high-priced if you don’t like strategy right. Fortunately, there are ways you can plan an affordable holiday in the Caribbean.

The difference lies in how you get there, where you stay, what you intend to do and when you plan your vacation as well as when you intend to go. Unlike some other popular tourist destinations where vacationing is typically expensive or inexpensive, Caribbean is a bit of both.

You should always consider package deals; you may want to confine your Caribbean holiday to some places or islands that are very close and don’t really cost much to travel to and from. Other than considering travelling during off-peak or shoulder season, you must pick places, beaches or islands that are relatively affordable.

Consider a cruise. Some people wonder that a cruise will be more expensive, but in reality, the contrary is true. Caribbean cruises are often cheaper than airfares, deals are all inclusive, and you can get some generous offers even during the peak or high season. Also, the cruises will take you to some of the finest islands and beaches.

There are expensive islands and affordable or relatively less expensive ones in the Caribbean. Consider Nassau, Montego Bay, Barbados, Aruba and San Juan. Jamaica and Dominica will also feature on your list of priorities.

Many feel that the former is more expensive than the latter. In reality, airfares and accommodation in Jamaica can turn out to be more affordable because more people go there and there’s stiff competition.

You should consider Camp Caribbean. It is a beautiful place on the island of St Lucia. Although it is a small island stretching about twenty-seven miles long and fourteen miles wide, it is a haven for families with kids. There’s a ton of activities to indulge in. The island has some stunning beaches and crystal clear waters.

There are the magnificent rainforests and a treasure trove of natural wonders, including volcanic mountains, Sulphur Springs, orchids, beaches and lush jungles. St Lucia has several tourist hotspots and partying havens on the northern side of the Island.

The Rodney Bay Strip is of particular popularity. Camp Caribbean is one of the finest and yet affordable places if you wish to travel to the Caribbean, complete with pristine beaches, jungle trips and quaint partying.


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