Smart Car From Apple Will Be Released in 2025 At the Earliest

Smart Car From Apple Will Be Released in 2025 At the Earliest

Cars from tech giant Apple will not hit the road yet. That says Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a conversation with tech blog MacRumors.


Last week, Reuters news agency reported that Apple would like to start producing an electric car in 2024, but Kuo thinks such a launch will only take place between 2025 and 2027.

Rumours about an Apple car have been circulating for years. The first designs were said to have been made by the tech company in 2014. The self-driving car should use a new battery technology that offers a more excellent range than existing electric cars.

“If the Apple Car is to be successful, big data and artificial intelligence are the most important factors, not the hardware,” says Kuo. By the time the vehicle is released, current manufacturers of self-driving cars have already collected at least five years of data to train their artificial intelligence.

How can Apple, as a latecomer, still fill that gap? ‘The analyst wonders.

Rivals such as Google parent company Alphabet are also working on cars that can drive autonomously. Experts point out that it takes a lot to be able to build electric cars profitably. For example, it took Elon Musk seventeen years to get Tesla profitable.

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