Samsung Improves Foldable Smartphones

Samsung Improves Foldable Smartphones

South Korean electronics company Samsung has introduced new versions of its foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip.

With both the Fold, which has a screen like a tablet when opened and the Flip, which folds like old-fashioned mobile phones, the durability of the screen has been improved.

Users of the Fold3 complained of the screen’s protective layer coming loose. That should be improved with the Fold4, Samsung indicates. The device has also received better cameras.

The Flip3 suffered from a visible fold line on the screen, which does not seem to have been adjusted with the Flip4, although the screen is more resistant to dirt and dust. The camera has also been improved, and the device has a larger battery.

Furthermore, Samsung introduced a new version of its wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Pro. They are smaller and should stay in the ears better while giving a better sound.

Samsung’s smart watch Galaxy Watch has also received an update with more battery capacity. There is also a more expensive version, intended for sports enthusiasts, the Galaxy Watch Pro. It can now also measure body temperature.

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