Russians Want to Make Peace With Americans on Cyberspace

Russians Want to Make Peace With Americans on Cyberspace

The Russians want to make peace with the Americans over their ongoing struggle in cyberspace, the world of computers and the Internet.


Russian President Vladimir Putin is striving for an agreement in which both countries guarantee not to interfere in each other’s elections and other internal affairs through cyberspace.

Putin called for a restart of the relationship between Russia and the United States in the use of information and communication technology (ICT), also to prevent incidents in cyberspace. He called the risk of a large-scale confrontation in this digital world one of the most significant challenges today.

The regime’s offer in the Kremlin comes more than a month before the US presidential election.

The previous elections four years ago were overshadowed by reports that the Russians had been intensively involved in the ballot box battle. US intelligence services concluded that Moscow interfered with the 2016 election to tilt it in favour of Donald Trump, the eventual winner.

Among other things, the Russians hacked the campaign of his rival Hillary Clinton. Moscow denies those allegations.

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