Russian Gas Exports More Than A Quarter Lower Than A Year Ago

Russian Gas Exports More Than A Quarter Lower Than A Year Ago

The export of gas by Russia is currently more than a quarter below the level of a year ago. State gas company Gazprom says gas exports to countries not part of the former Soviet Union fell by 27.6 percent from January to May.


In total, exports amounted to 61 billion cubic meters. Less gas was transported, especially to customers in Europe. Gazprom also reports that more gas flowed to China. But no figures were released.

Since the invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, Russia has demanded that “unfriendly countries”, including EU member states, pay for gas transactions in rubles. The demand is seen as a measure to circumvent Western financial sanctions against Russia’s central bank. These were imposed as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

Shell is also no longer supplied with Russian gas. That group was already phasing out the purchase of Russian oil and gas because of the war in Ukraine and is continuing to do so.

Gazprom previously cut Finland off from Russian gas. That happened after that country had decided to join NATO. Poland and Bulgaria also no longer receive gas from Gazprom.

Meanwhile, EU countries are making every effort to reduce their dependence on Russian energy. However, the countries are divided over the imposition of a natural gas embargo because the several Member States are heavily dependent on energy supplies from Russia.

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