Putin’s Mistress Unexpectedly Pregnant Again

Putin’s Mistress Unexpectedly Pregnant Again

Alina Kabaeva, Vladimir Putin’s mistress, is said to be pregnant again. Much to the anger of the Russian president. That reports the popular Telegram channel General SVR in Russia.


Putin (69) reportedly already has two sons – born in 2015 and 2019 – with Kabaeva (38), a former Olympic gymnast. However, according to sources in Moscow, a third child was not planned. Putin was “depressed and withdrawn” when he heard the news.

Putin has never officially acknowledged his relationship with Kabaeva, who tries to stay out of the spotlight by living in Switzerland. However, according to many Kremlin watchers, her career as a media mogul in recent years is due to her relationship with the Russian president.

In addition to his two sons with Kabaeva, Putin also has two officially recognized children with his first wife Lyudmila: Maria (37) and Katerina (35). There is also talk of a third daughter, 19-year-old Luiza Rozova. She is said to be the result of Putin’s affair with Svetlana Krivonogikh, once a cleaning lady but now one of the richest women in Russia.

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