Paris Does Not Want Air France to Give Up Landing Rights

Paris Does Not Want Air France to Give Up Landing Rights

The idea that airline Air France may have to give up so-called slots at Paris’s Orly airport in exchange for extra government support is against the sore leg of French transport minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari.


The former pilot told Bloomberg TV that additional measures are needed to take-off, and landing rights do not go to budget fighters.

Many airlines are in dire straits due to the crisis. Air France needs extra support from Paris to weather the crisis. Brussels may only agree to additional billions if the airline gives up take-off and landing rights to Orly.

Emmanuel Macron’s government believes that this is a step too far and considers Air France and its position at the airport near Paris to be of great strategic value.

European Commissioner in charge of competition, Margrethe Verstager, already warned that German airline Lufthansa’s previous move to give up slots in exchange for state aid now serves as a precedent for other cases.

However, according to Djebbari, the situation in Frankfurt is not a model for reality in the sector.

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