Musk Must Step Down as CEO of Twitter, According to 58 Percent

Musk Must Step Down as CEO of Twitter, According to 58 Percent

According to a poll he set up, Elon Musk must step down as CEO of Twitter. At the close of the poll, after more than 17.5 million responses, almost 58 percent of voters think he should do this.

Musk asked his followers whether he should step back as boss of the social media company on his Twitter account.

Voting was allowed for a total of twelve hours. Musk had promised when he started the poll on his position that he would abide by the results. Shortly before, the Tesla CEO and owner of Twitter had already announced that from now on, an online vote would be organized before all major policy decisions at the company.

Musk has already held polls on his platform several times this year to gauge the opinion of Twitter users. For example, he restored suspended accounts, and the exiled former US president Donald Trump was allowed to return to the platform after the polls.

Investors reacted positively to the poll results. Tesla shares rose nearly 5 percent during US premarket trading on Monday. However, Tesla has collapsed almost 60 percent on the stock market this year, partly due to investor concerns about Musk’s expensive purchase of Twitter.

Musk has already sold billions of Tesla shares to finance the acquisition this year. As a result, his wealth has fallen sharply, and he is no longer the richest man in the world.

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