More Privacy in-House with Printed Glass

More Privacy in-House with Printed Glass

Are you looking for a unique addition or personal touch to your interior or exterior? Something that immediately attracts attention? Then printed glass might be the solution for you! What exactly is that?

Personalize the room with sprint glass
Nowadays almost everything can be printed on glass, and the design possibilities are infinite. Both a photo of your favourite views during your last holiday as well as your preferred destination where you want to dream away every day. But patterns or textures can also give the glass more character.

Text, such as an inspiring quote in a matching font, is also an excellent option. The sky is the limit. You can get creative with it without losing light in space.

The only thing you have to provide is an image that has a sufficiently large resolution. The print file must be delivered at full size and with the highest possible resolution (usually at least a resolution of 150 dpi dots per inch) is required to obtain a reasonably sharp print result, because photos with a lower resolution can be blurry. “or appear blurry.).

You can choose to print the entire glass surface or only a part, and you also have the option to print your photo in colour or black and white. The extra privacy it offers is also a bonus: the printed glass protects the room against unwanted ‘inside viewers’.

How to print?
Printing on glass is done with special nano-ink, which is then baked in a special oven. This ensures a very sharp result that is permanent and does not fade. Not even after excessive exposure to bright sunlight.

Types of a glass surface
You can print on different types of glass surfaces. Just think of a glass wall, glass interior doors, shower doors, partitions or even desktops. The kind of glass you use, however, is essential for the result.

Clear glass (‘float ready glass’) naturally has a green tint. This colour will, of course, remain in the glass and will affect the colours that are printed on it.
That is why it is often decided to print on extra clear glass (‘float extra finished glass’).

Also, acid glass, known as frosted glass, is an excellent option to print.
Not immediately a wall that would be eligible? No problem! You can also buy a glass plate and have it printed. You can then attach them to the wall as a poster, but much more elegant.

In short, an ideal and budget-friendly solution for those who want to create original accents in the home.

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