Jim Carrey Would Rather Have A Normal Conversation With Fans

Jim Carrey Would rather have a normal Conversation with Fans than make Selfies. Jim Carrey would prefer that fans start an ordinary conversation rather than asking for selfies.


The actor says this in an interview.

“I’m not rude to people,” says 57-year-old Carrey. “But instead of taking a selfie, I’d rather say hello.

Who are you, and what are you doing today? Because selfies stop life.”

The actor explains: “You make a face and then it goes on Instagram, to give people a false idea of relevance.

Everyone loved Steve Jobs so much, but I imagine him in hell as he runs away from demons who want a selfie. “

Carrey plays since last year in the comic series Kidding,

 which until now can only be seen on the American channel Showtime.

In 2020, he appears again for the first time in four years in a feature film.

He then plays the role of Dr Ivo Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog,

 the live action movie of the popular SEGA game from the nineties.

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