Iran’s New President Rules Out Meeting With Biden

Iran’s New President Rules Out Meeting With Biden

The ultra-conservative Ebrahim Raisi, who won the presidential election in Iran on Friday, has ruled out a meeting with the US president.


He said that on Monday at the first press conference after his victory.

“I can’t imagine going to speak to Biden; he has ignored the 2015 nuclear weapons deal by supporting ‘inhumane sanctions’ against the Iranian people,” said Raisi, 60. “Biden must first lift the sanctions to give the United States some credibility again in Iran.”

The arch-conservative Chief Justice Raisi is a hardliner and anything but an impeccable figure.

After the revolution, he entered the judiciary and held the position of deputy prosecutor in Tehran from 1985 to 1988, a position that links him to the thousands of executions in Iran of political prisoners in the 1980s.

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