Hurricane Amphan Races Through the Border Area Between India and Bangladesh

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As expected, this afternoon Hurricane Amphan made landfall in India and Bangladesh. It is one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal with gusts of up to 190 kilometres per hour.


Fears of the coronavirus complicated the evacuation of millions of people. There is not yet a clear picture of damage or victims.

According to the Indian Meteorological Service (IMD), Amphan has landed in the Sundarbans, a vast mangrove forest at estuaries just between India and Bangladesh.

Wind gusts of up to 190 kilometres per hour have been measured, but the hurricane should lose strength from now on.

The Sundarbans are a nature reserve and home to the Bengal or king tiger and have been declared a World Heritage Site by the UN culture organization Unesco.

There will be a lot of damage, but at the same time there will be relatively few people in that area and the forest will decrease the strength of the hurricane.

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