Hailey Bieber Thinks She’s Being Made A Saint

Hailey Bieber Thinks She’s Being Made A Saint

Hailey Bieber thinks She’s Being made a Saint. Hailey Bieber (22) is going to celebrate Halloween this year in an extraordinary way. The model states on Instagram that she collects all the candy she gets on a festive evening in the name of God, to honour religious saints.


“I am a Christian, so I redefine everything in the name of my faith. The pagan festival of the winter solstice? That is now Jesus’ birthday for us. Pagan spring festivals? That is now Easter.


Chasing away evil spirits? That’s All Saints now, “Bieber says on her Instagram. “We are celebrating the glorious church with the blood of Jesus! Sweets please!”


“I am not afraid of the world. I am not afraid of the devil or demons. They are afraid of me. Halloween is now my holiday, and I in all the candy for the glory of God and to save the lives of all saints to celebrate.”


But Justin Bieber’s wife will be hoisting herself in a nice costume. She also declares that she sees herself becoming a saint in the future. Bieber was raised as a convinced Christian and attended Hillsong church services with her husband every week.

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