Former Top Advisor Calls Trump Unsuitable As President

Former Top Advisor Calls Trump Unsuitable As President

A former top official of US President Donald Trump calls him unsuitable for that office. In an interview, former national security adviser John Bolton lashes out at his ex-boss.


“I don’t think he is fit for office,” Bolton said in an interview with ABC News. “I don’t think he has the competence to get the job done.”

Bolton wrote a book about his experiences with Trump, and in already released excerpts, the advisor sweeps the floor with the President.

Bolton was considered a hawk of Trump’s foreign policy. He left the White House in September.

Trump already hit back on Twitter. According to him, Bolton’s book consists of lies and fake stories.

He calls his top employee, who he allegedly fired, a “wacko” and points out that the New York Times labels the book as “extremely tedious”.

Bolton is a “disgruntled dull fool who just wanted to go to war.”

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