Firefox will Cooperate with Website for Leaked Passwords

Firefox will Cooperate with Website for Leaked Passwords

Firefox will Cooperate with Website for Leaked Passwords. Web browser Firefox will warn users about hacked accounts. For this Mozilla, the company behind Firefox started a collaboration with the website


With Firefox Monitor you can soon check whether you have become a victim of a data breach. For that, you enter your e-mail address, which is immediately anonymous. Then you will see which of your details have been revealed and you will receive recommendations on how to re-secure your accounts.

Mozilla also tests whether it can send users notifications when their e-mail address pops up in new data leaks, reports The FOX News Point.

It emphasises that their e-mail address via Firefox Monitor cannot fall into the hands of third parties. In a blog, Luke Crouch, privacy engineer at Mozilla, explains that every e-mail address is converted into a hash of which only the first six characters are sent to

This search engine, founded by the respected security researcher Troy Hunt, indexes all e-mail addresses that have ever surfaced in a data breach.

“For us, this is a big step because Firefox is being used by hundreds of millions of people, which will also significantly increase the number of people using our service,” Hunt writes on his blog.

Firefox Monitor is currently still in beta phase. Starting next week, a quarter of a million Firefox users (mainly in the United States) will be invited to try out the Firefox Monitor. If the test results prove positive, the service becomes available to anyone who surfs with Firefox.

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