Far-Right Politician Shoots Moroccan Dead in Italy

Far-Right Politician Shoots Moroccan Dead in Italy

In Italy, a politician from the far-right Lega Nord party, Massimo Adriatici, shot and killed a Moroccan man during a clash in public. That report includes the Italian news agency Ansa.


The incident happened in the northern Italian city of Voghera. The victim, who was hit in the chest, is a 39-year-old Moroccan. According to local media, he was harassing a woman outside a bar when Adriatici – who included a former police commander and councillor in Voghera – intervened.

Finally, the local politician – who was carrying a gun – called the police, after which the Moroccan man reportedly started pushing him. According to Adriatici, his gun went off when he fell to the ground.

Adriatici has been placed under house arrest. An investigation has been launched against him for “excessive defence,” Ansa writes, citing sources close to the investigation.

According to Matteo Salvini of Lega Nord – the former interior minister – Adriatici is “a victim of an aggression” and acted in “self-defence”, said on Facebook. “He accidentally responded with a shot that sadly killed a stranger.”

Alan Ferrari, senator of the social-democratic Partito Democratico and a politician from the region, immediately called on Salvini to condemn the facts. “In a civilized and democratic country, a city councillor doesn’t shoot a person,” he said.

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