Facebook Continues to Avoid British Parliament

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Facebook Continues to Avoid British Parliament. Facebook recommences to give evasive answers to members of the British parliament over the scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica.


The chairman of the parliamentary committee, who investigates the abuse of user data of the social media company, complains about this, posted by the MAG Mania.

According to Damian Collins, Facebook gives evasive and incorrect answers. According to Collins, the company follows “a pattern that came about in the course of our research”.

Earlier, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg refused to testify before the British parliament, while he did so before the American Congress and in the European Parliament.

The Digital and Media Commission is investigating fake news and the role played by Cambridge Analytica in the US elections and the Brexit referendum, among other things. The British company used, among other things, data from Facebook users, where it had been improperly handled, to influence elections.

Facebook’s role in the protection of user data is also under scrutiny.

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