Edtech Start-Up GoStudent Moves to America

Edtech Start-Up GoStudent Moves to America

The originally Austrian ‘unicorn’ wants to provide 150,000 one-on-one online tutoring in the US by the end of this year.


GoStudent is a provider of online tutoring for children in primary and secondary education. The lessons are given one-on-one via video and conducted on the start-up platform. It is also one of Europe’s highest valued ‘edtech’ companies with a value of around three billion euros, officially a ‘unicorn’.

The company is now active in 22 countries, including the United States. In addition, GoStudent just opened an office in the Austin startup hub in the state of Texas.

There, the start-up will offer individual online tutoring for, among other things, standardized tests. This concerns thirty subjects in a market of about 50 million students, according to GoStudent in a press release. “The market potential of more than 50 million students between the ages of six and eighteen is enormous,” said Laura Warnier, chief growth officer of GoStudent. Online learning is also already familiar and established in the US.’

The start-up operates through subscriptions ranging from 6 to 36 months, with a price per session ranging from $32 to $50. The company employs more than 1,700 people and delivers more than 1.5 million tutoring sessions each month. For this, it calls on more than 19,000 teachers.

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