Despite the Coronavirus and the Riots, Americans Can Vote Again

Despite the Coronavirus and the Riots, Americans Can Vote Again

Despite the coronavirus and the riots, Americans can vote again in primaries. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is visiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, where polling stations are open Tuesday.


The polling stations close our time there at 2 am on Wednesday. Democrats elect delegates to Congress on Tuesday in seven states and the capital Washington, D.C. There, their presidential candidate is formally elected.

Many voters cast their votes by post. This can delay the counting of the votes.

In fact, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has determined that votes that arrive late by post should be counted up to seven days after ballot boxes are closed.

In Pennsylvania, 186 delegates are at stake before the Democratic Party Congress on Tuesday.

It is a foregone conclusion for Republicans that President Trump is trying to be re-elected. But Biden still has competition from former candidate Bernie Sanders on the ballot papers.

Although this left-wing senator is out of the race for the Democratic candidacy, he is still participating to have as much influence as possible on the course of the party at the party congress in August.

Biden does not yet have the candidacy on paper, which he is currently according to American media still 425 votes short of being declared as a presidential candidate at the congress. The presidential election is November 3.

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