Delta Postpones Delivery of New Aircraft

Delta Postpones Delivery of New Aircraft

The American airline Delta Air Lines has postponed an order of 5 billion dollars in new aircraft from Airbus until 2022.


The partner of Air France-KLM wants to reduce costs now that millions of dollars are still flowing out of the company every day. Delta also intends to retire 400 aircraft over the next five years, 200 of which this year.

In the third quarter, capital outflows were $ 24 million daily. In the fourth quarter, Delta aims to reduce it to between $ 10 million and $ 12 million per day.

With this, Delta has already significantly reduced costs now that the aviation sector is being hit hard by the consequences of the corona crisis.

“That we are at 10 million is already very good,” says CEO Ed Bastian, who points out that the so-called cash burn in March was 100 million dollars daily. Bastian thinks Delta could reach a point where there will be no loss in the spring.

The airline’s loss was $ 5.4 billion in the third quarter, compared to a profit in the same period last year. Turnover was more than three quarters lower than a year earlier at just under 3.1 billion dollars.

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