Chancellor Merkel Meets British Prime Minister Johnson

Chancellor Merkel Meets British Prime Minister Johnson

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday. It is likely Merkel’s last visit to the United Kingdom as head of government.


The main items on the agenda were the relationship between the UK and the EU after Brexit and German-British relations. Merkel said afterwards that she had agreed with Johnson that the two countries would consult each other regularly.

Johnson received Merkel at the Checkers estate, northwest of London. The heads of government greeted each other by bumping their elbows. The corona crisis was another important topic of conversation.

To prevent the spread of the contagious Delta variant, Britons entering Germany must be quarantined for fourteen days. Johnson wants to get rid of that obligation to stimulate the British travel industry.

Merkel will also visit Queen Elizabeth later on Friday.

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