British Newspaper Readers Urged to Get Booster Shot

British Newspaper Readers Urged to Get Booster Shot

British newspaper readers started the day with a call from their government to immediately get a booster shot. As a result, major newspapers such as The Sun, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph have a cover with the official slogan: Get Boosted Now (get your booster now).


Readers are directed to an NHS health service website.

The British government is ramping up the booster campaign due to concerns about the omikron variant of the coronavirus. In the United Kingdom, adults are eligible for a booster three months after their second corona shot. In addition, authorities have deployed the military to support the vaccination campaign.

Britons have responded en masse to calls to get an extra shot. British media wrote this month that people sometimes queued for hours for a booster. More than half of the over 18s have now had such an extra dose. It should offer more protection against omikron.

The slogan “Get Boosted Now” is also used at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s press conferences. He then stands behind a lectern that is provided with that text. This causes some hilarity in the United Kingdom because the “o” in the word “now” is a large yellow ring. Social media has compared it to Hula Hoop-branded chips and rings from video games featuring Sonic the Hedgehog.

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