Apple Is The First Company Ever To Achieve A Market Value Of 767 Billion Pounds

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Apple is the First company Ever to Achieve a market Value of 767 billion Pounds. Apple was the first company in the world to reach a market value of 767 billion pounds on Thursday.


On Thursday, the price of one Apple share has exceeded the 159.07 pounds mark.

It brought the total market value to 767 billion pounds. According to the latest data, from July 20.

Apple is benefiting from the good quarterly figures that the company published on Tuesday.

On Tuesday evening, just before the declaration of the statistics, a share of Apple still cost 146.20 pounds.

The iPhone manufacturer scores points mainly because the turnover in the third quarter of the broken financial year increased by no less than 17 percent.

Primarily due to the sale of more expensive iPhones. The sales values are possible to compare with those of a year earlier.

Tech sector is rising fast
Apple has long been the company with the highest market value ever since the company broke Microsoft’s record of 475 billion pounds from 1999.

This amount would amount to some 719 billion pounds today.

Although Apple is the first company to cross the border, other tech companies are also heading in that direction.

Amazon and Google parent company Alphabet have market values above 653 billion pounds.

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